The UK’s Prepared…Are You?


Prepare for the zombie invasion!

The UK is in the grip of a crisis.  The zombies are out, and they’re very, very hungry!  The country’s zombulation is expanding every single day.

Zombie Invasion is monitoring the invasion.  Front and center on the website is their brand spanking new map, which is currently taking in data on every single new case in the zombie breakout.  Every single case is flagged up, and the more cases an area has, the redder that area of the map becomes.

If you’re going to survive the apocalypse, the map may be your only shot!

As well as the map itself, there are also a host of handy tips on how to survive the outbreak, including:

  • Violence. Never under-estimate the value of a good cricket or baseball bat when trying to knock a zombie or two out!
  • Good running shoes.  If in doubt, leg it!
  • A good facemask.  Zombie stinks, both literally and figuratively.  You need an effective way to block out the stench!
  • Blending in.  If the zombies think you’re one of them, then there’s half a chance they won’t turn you into dinner.  Break out a zombie costume, and you may yet survive.


If you want to learn more about protecting yourself, or where the latest zombie outbreak is (so you can run the other way!), head to now.  Spread the word!



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