Surviving the Outdoors – A Ranger’s Guide

Ranger TabAnyone who has ever served in the Army knows that the Ranger Handbook is the closest thing the Army has to an apocalyptic survival guide.  Although most tab-less soldiers joke about Rangers (“Ranger that”), we all know that a Ranger-tabbed soldier is a hard-core SoB.  The tab is often found on the Army’s most elite soldiers, serving in areas such as Special Forces, Ranger Battalion, etc.

Well, we recently wandered upon a Vet’s website with a wealth of information for any prepper.  Army Ranger Rick is the host of the site, and the tips and techniques are about as in-depth as you could possibly find.


Here are a few tips just to wet your appetite:

1. Gathering Water – Because a tree holds an enormous amount of water, if you tie a clear plastic bag over and around a leafy green branch, you’ll be able to produce water through condensation. Important: Make sure the bag is tightly sealed over and around the branch or it won’t produce any condensation water at all.

2. Making Tinder for a Fire – Ranger Rick makes his own “mini tinder balls” out of cotton balls and Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly and then carries them inside a small plastic 35mm film container. They’re extremely flammable and easy to make, all you gotta do is stretch, fluff & spread out a cotton ball, add a little bit of Vaseline/PJ to it and then roll it back up and squeeze out the excess.

3. Determining Direction – In the northern hemisphere, moss found near the base of trees usually grows on the Northern side, where the suns rays don’t reach.  If you live in the southern hemisphere, remember that the “north” and “south” are reversed.


If you want to learn more survival tips, head over to Army Ranger Rick’s website:


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