Interview with Steven Williams – Artist of Zombie B.C.

Hey gang!  We have a special treat for you this week.  We were recently able to score an interview with Zombie B.C.’s main artist, Steven Williams.  Be sure to check this one out…this guy is going places!


1) First off, we want to note that we’ve seen the entire Zombie B.C. comic (and one of the firsts to do so, if we are allowed to boast), and can we just say that it is an amazing piece.  How did you come about getting brought into this project?

Thanks so much. I just met Steve Vold through an ad he placed on Deviantart. I was just getting started with freelancing and it was great opportunity for me to get experience as well as earning a living. So I’m incredibly thankful to Steve for that.
2) And we’re thankful as well.  What have you found to be the toughest part of working on this since you began it?

Mostly just having to finish the final parts of the page. I hear a lot of comic artists who have a hard time doing all the art, because by the time you get to the coloring after you have done the layouts, pencils, inks, your like I’m so ready to be done with this page and move on to the next.
3) We can only imagine.  Are there any scenes or pages that you are most proud of?

I think the first 5 are pretty good, I’d have to really look, but those are the ones I’m pleased with.
4) Obviously, by the level of artistry, this is not your first piece.  What other works have you done before?

Actually this would be the first work I’ve been paid for officially. Other stuff is just promo. Its hard to look for work, because most people either pay super low and want a high level of work or don’t even offer any pay.
5) It’s hard to imagine.  There are probably a lot of artists out there experiencing the same thing.  Kind of sad to see that talent can almost go unseen sometimes.  We’re glad you were able to stay in the game until it finally paid off. So, what inspired you to become an artist?

Well I’ve been drawing since I was like 6 or 7, but I’ve always wanted to draw comics, the only thing I can specifically remember at the age inspiring me was having a Green Lantern Corps comics, it was the 80s, I have no clue about the artists or the story, but I was so fascinated. And I guess a lot of the cartoons in the 80s, which were such a spark plug: Thundercats, Bionic 6, GI Joe, etc.
6) Thundercats…hell, yeah!  80s cartoons were the best.  For all of the aspiring artists out there, do you have any words of encouragement?

Just draw, ALL THE TIME. no matter what it is, because yeah there are tutorials that help, but the reality is you have to do the work. Even if its copying someone you admire. And put in the time, I think with our internet, digital what-have-you, what gets lost in the shuffle is how long these pieces take to get done.
7) Definitely solid advice. This next question is one that we ask to all of the people we interview. Give us the scoop on your ZPOC plan: What’s the location you’re heading to and weapon you’re carrying?

umm ZPOC?
8) Uh, oh.  Steve Vold’s got to get you schooled up.  When SHTF, you can come hang with us.  Any supporters you’d like to thank or send a shout-out to?

Steve has been great, honestly I wish there were more guys like him who just want to make comics and offer a fair amount, so your not working for peanuts.
9) And last thing before we go?  Where can our readers connect with you (website, facebook, twitter, etc.)?

I’m on Deviantart under the profile name Monstersaw and here is a link


Thanks for the interview Steven.  It’s definitely been a pleasure.  We wish you the best of luck in your future.


I definitely recommend that everyone goes to check Steven Williams’ work on his Devianart Page (  And definitely keep an eye out for Zombie B.C.  Connect up with them on Facebook to prep for the release:


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